Ok... so you want a straight forward,

no nonsense quiz!


Question one...

What's the capital of Australia?


So far... so average!

You see there's an art to writing a question and we've been writing them for years for TV, for corporate clients and for public events.

The quiz you'll get is highly researched and written to cover all age groups, nationalities and brain power! 

In addition the audiovisual element really brings things to life.  Yes, you may be sat in teams answering questions but we pride ourselves in creating a unique energy between the content, the compere and the audience!

Of course those recognisable categories will be there...

History/Geography/Science/Sport/Film and TV/Music/General Knowledge/True Or False/Anagrams.

Want to add a category?  No problem, we'll create categories for you, even including bespoke questions based on your business or your audience.

It's also a quiz that can travel anywhere to any location.

Just one question left for you...

quiz it 2.001.jpeg
score master watches on.