Looking for something different in the world of team building?  Well here you are...

The team build about team building that can actually build your team!

Here's the concept...


Team building companies have been around for a while, you may have experienced the benefits of their activities.  Well with 'Teambuilder' we ask the question 'Do you think you could do better?'

Fronted by the 'Event Manager' an expert in all things events, teams are asked 'Apprentice style' to create their own events company and design the ultimate team Awayday.

Guided by the industry's best they'll attempt to create and facilitate their own conference energiser, come up with a concept for an original daytime team build activity and then suggest the perfect solution for some evening entertainment.

Then... the pitch...

You pitch to the experts, to the guys who have been on the teambuild coalface for years!  Are the ideas plausible, the logistics on point, are the budgets realistic, will the team be able to bond and learn?

A creative, unique event, that can be as fun or facilitated as you want and a great opportunity to beat the experts at their own game!

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forties woman working riveting.
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climbing on rockface teambuilding.