Be it night or day, a spectacular celebration of sport... part quiz, part interactive gameshow, even non-sports fans have declared it a winner!


This has proven very popular as a themed event at the time of World Cups, the Olympics or Wimbledon.


From Rugby to Rhythmic gymnastics as many sports as possible are covered.  You'll enjoy the challenge of inventive and original questions and activities that will deliver an energy and atmosphere to grace any stadium.

Also there will be every opportunity for some to prove they 'haven't lost that old magic' with skill rounds such as 'Keepy Uppy'!

The show can even focus in on a particular sport, 'The Football Show' has proved a hit with fans of the beautiful game, taking parties to another level.

It's delivered with top of the table audiovisuals in any venue home or away, the video clips alone will get those competitive pulses racing!


So let's test those sporting instincts...

Can you 'Spot The Shuttlecock?'  

Is it under 1, 2 or 3?

badminton player.
sports night men watching TV.
romantic stadium picture.
basketball hoop shooting sports fifties.
athlete dips for the finishing line.
squah tennis player with racquet.
Bikes jumping off cliff eighties.
football kit sixties cool.
man breaking through ice with pick winter sports.
Fifties image of acrobatic men gym.
black athlete shirt number.