Presentation Bootcamp

conference confidence

Too many experts like this...

Taking advantage of people

like this...

And creating presenting robots...

man contemplating
Woman holding her breath underwater.
two robotic fifties women.

But for me... Energy...

Plus your individuality

Equals connection...

energy spark plug car sixties.
Black model.
making connections.

So I invite you to

walk the walk...

And talk the talk with me...

On my Presentation


walking the walk
mike crump presenter presenting awards.
woman gaining presenter confidence.
we all came away with some great new skills"
The roastery team
     Costa Coffee

Conference coming up?  Vital messages to deliver?  Company/brand videos to film?   Want your teams to ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ with conviction and passion?  You can own that stage, impress in that boardroom, revitalise those customer relationships. 

From senior leadership to graduate trainees, whatever the experience level, impactful learning and visible progress as a presenter guaranteed!  From one on one tuition to a maximum of 30 in a group… getting to know each individual is paramount.

I'll be lifting the lid on the secrets of presenting, sharing the very best tips and tricks used to ignite interest and engage, whoever the audience.  You'll learn the latest presenting techniques... from body language to vocals, performance skills to script writing!

And fronting this?  Why would you want a classroom based theorist?  You want a presenter, with years of doing just that… presenting.


It's an instinctive, relaxed, personal approach to learning complemented by a full audiovisual experience with music, video and energising activities.

Half day (morning or afternoon)... presentation boot camp training and activities. 

Full day… Presentation boot camp training and activities culminating in a ‘Company Convention’ exercise where the group writes and delivers company messages using the techniques learnt. 

Optional... the opportunity to rehearse upcoming presentations/conference material.

The Boot Camp Promise... the group will leave confident as individuals, energised as a team and ultimately passionate presenters of what they do!

Presentation Bootcamp

conference confidence