Discover your mojo with this celebration of music!

audio cassette tape mixtape music.

Mixtape 1

Retro sixties music player.

It's all about the music in this head nodding, energising and competitive event that has impeccable, eclectic musical taste!

Once teams have established their 'Band name', as many popular genre as possible are covered from the 80's to Grime, Indie to Classical, Eurovision to TV Theme Tunes, Funk to Musicals!

List the artists from the memorable mixtapes, marvel at the music videos, we even orchestrate the room with the Conductor round (like a Harry Potter wizard style battle of the batons!).  It's inventive, unexpected, expertly researched and choreographed with fabulous audiovisuals.

For any sized group in any location this event is mobile... and hey... any requests, you have your very own event DJ who'll shape the event around your group's musical tastes!

music conducter with baton.
Vintage TV soundtrack.
memory tapes music lauren laverne.



band of young musicians.
Black female singer at the mic.