food  cream squirting delicious tasty scrumptious.

The perfect mix... food and fun... in a taste bud tingling celebration of food that'll test and entertain even the most dedicated of 'foodies'.  In terms of quality it's just earned it's third Michelin Star!

Perfect for an over dinner event, mouth watering content covers everything from taste tests to gastropubs, school dinners to sushi.


Questions are delivered via an audiovisual delight and cater for all knowledge and tastes from a star baker to a pot noodle fan!

We also get interactive with table based challenges such as 'Whisk'... who can be the first team to whisk those perfect peaks... and 'Pure Imagination'... a blindfold chocolate bar challenge, could you tell them apart, maybe just from the rustle of the wrapper!

For the ultimate foodie there's also 'FoodieMind'... like Mastermind but we swap the black chair for a kitchen stool as they answer quick fire food questions!


Scrumptious!.. it's just what it says on the tin!


tea is served.
Shopping trolley with mystery ingredients.
scientist conducts experiment with food.
woman attacked by a giant vegetable.
fifties housewife serves breakfast cereal.
taste test from geeky scientist.
tupperware and coffee.
fifties image of businessman with a cup of coffee.